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This month's flavors are inspired by the return of the Great British Baking Show and my love for British bakes! The flavors are:

Coffee & Walnut Cake:  Forget coffee cake (which is usually definitely missing out on the actual coffee), and instead feast on delicious coffee & walnut cake. A classic British bake with coffee in the cake and buttercream, topped with walnuts as the perfect accent, I remember when I had my first slice in England. I was hooked! This macaron features espresso shells topped with chopped walnuts, a coffee buttercream, and a center of gluten-free coffee & walnut cake in the center.   GF

Cherry Bakewell Tart:  Enter any proper British café or tea shop and you'll most likely find a beautiful bakewell tart in the display case. A perfect combination of almond and cherry, not too sweet, and deliciously gooey... basically begging to be made into a macaron! Classic almond shells are filled with our customer-favorite almond filling and a glacé cherry.    GF 

Victoria Sponge:  This is as classic as it gets when it comes to British bakes. Two delightfully fluffy cake layers ("sponge") are sandwiched with a simple yet tasty vanilla buttercream and luxe raspberry or strawberry jam.  Our macaron version will include classic vanilla buttercream and a seedless raspberry jam center.   GF

Lavender Lemon:   I remember the first time I tried lavender lemon cake, sitting in one of the most charming tea rooms - Peacocks Tearoom by the water in Ely, Cambridgeshire in England. I was served a perfect pot of tea and a slice of lavender lemon cake made in house. Oh my goodness, I was never the same. Lavender lemon has been one of my favorite flavor combinations since, which inspired one of my first macaron flavors: lavender lemon. You'll find delicately mild lavender shells filled with a lavender lemon buttercream and a center of tart lemon curd. My favorite, and hopefully yours too!   GF



Pre-order your macarons by September 18th. 

Monthly subscription orders will automatically process on the same day of the month as your original subscription purchase.

Select local pick-up @ Hungry Toad Farm in Centerville or free local-area delivery

on Saturday, September 24th.

(If those options don't work for you, please reach out to us at or through the contact form below and we'll try our best to work something out for you!)


Each month's macaron box contains 12 macarons:

3 macarons of each of the four flavors listed above.

The macarons are packaged beautifully (in an eco-friendly compostable box)

ready to give, share, or keep and enjoy!

This assorted macaron box is available for PRE-ORDER through September 18th

and you'll receive your macarons on Saturday, September 24th).  

The macarons will stay fresh refrigerated for up to 5 days and can be frozen for up to a month.

(Some flavors including jam are better enjoyed within 48 hours.)

We recommend bringing the macarons back to room temperature before enjoying.

Please note that these are for local delivery only, we do not ship at this time.

Please click here for details about our delivery radius.  


Ready to make a delicious decision?

*Allergen Note*  Macarons contain tree nuts.  Macaron shells naturally contain no gluten. Some macaron flavors may have gluten-containing ingredients (cake crumbles, graham cracker, etc.) but if so those ingredients will be indicated clearly. While we do our best to eliminate any cross contamination, all macarons and fillings are prepared in a kitchen and on equipment that also processes wheat. Because of this, we cannot claim our macarons are "gluten-free", however they are a favorite treat for many who do avoid gluten. Please read all detailed ingredient lists (available on product packaging) carefully and message us if you have any questions. Thank you!

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